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Enhancing Bilton Rugby Residence with 1.2 m³ of Classic Flow Screed

Flowscreed Midlands recently completed a residential project in Bilton Rugby, installing 1.2 cubic meters of Classic Flow Screed to enhance the flooring of the property. The client sought a reliable and efficient solution for their home environment. 

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Client's Challenge:

The homeowner aimed to upgrade the flooring in their Bilton Rugby residence efficiently. They required a solution that not only provided a high-quality finish but also ensured a seamless installation process to minimize disruption to their daily life. 

Flowscreed Midlands' Solution:

Flowscreed Midlands recommended Classic Flow Screed, known for its versatility and smooth application. This choice offered a reliable finish while aligning with the client’s desire for both aesthetic appeal and efficiency. The team assessed factors such as substrate condition, application thickness, and overall project requirements. 


With precision and expertise, Flowscreed Midlands installed 1.2 cubic meters of Classic Flow Screed. The application process was smooth, allowing for efficient project completion and minimizing inconvenience to the homeowner. 


Flowscreed Midlands successfully delivered a high-quality flooring solution that met the client’s expectations. The Classic Flow Screed provided a seamless and attractive finish, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the Bilton Rugby residence. 

Client Satisfaction:

The homeowner expressed satisfaction with Flowscreed Midlands’ professionalism and the timely completion of the project. The team’s attention to detail and the reliable performance of Classic Flow Screed contributed to a positive overall experience. 

Flowscreed Midlands demonstrated its proficiency in residential flooring projects by installing 1.2 cubic meters of Classic Flow Screed in a Bilton Rugby residence. This case study highlights the company’s ability to meet client expectations for both quality and efficiency, delivering a flooring solution that enhances the comfort and appeal of the homeowner’s living space. 

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