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Cemfloor by McGraths Quick Drying Flow Screed for House Renovation in Warwick

Flow Screed Services Midlands recently completed a house renovation project in Warwick, supplying and installing 1.2m3 of Cemfloor by McGraths quick drying flow screed.

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Client's Challenge:

The client undertaking the house renovation in Warwick required a fast-drying flow screed solution. They needed a supplier who could deliver the screed promptly to accommodate their renovation schedule.

Flowscreed Midlands' Solution:

Flow Screed Services Midlands provided the ideal solution with Cemfloor by McGraths quick drying flow screed. This premium screed not only offered rapid drying times but also ensured a smooth and level finish, essential for the renovation project.


Our team efficiently supplied and installed the Cemfloor by McGraths flow screed, meeting the client’s need for prompt delivery. Despite the tight schedule, we ensured precise application, guaranteeing a flawless finish for the house renovation.

The house renovation project in Warwick was a success, thanks to the efficient delivery and installation of Cemfloor by McGraths quick drying flow screed by Flow Screed Services Midlands. We recommend their services to anyone seeking top-quality flow screed solutions for their renovation projects.


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