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Cemfloor by McGraths Quick Drying Flow Screed Installation in Ruby, Warwickshire

Flow Screed Services Midlands recently completed a project in Ruby, Warwickshire, where 5m3 of Cemfloor by McGraths quick drying flow screed was laid and installed.

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Client's Challenge:

The client, a loyal customer who has been with us for six years, entrusted us with their latest project in Ruby, Warwickshire.

Our long-standing customer required a reliable and high-quality screed solution for their project in Ruby. They sought a screed that would provide rapid drying times and a durable finish.

Flowscreed Midlands' Solution:

To meet the client’s needs, we recommended Cemfloor by McGraths quick drying flow screed. This top-of-the-line screed offered fast drying times and exceptional flow characteristics, ensuring a smooth and level finish.


Our experienced team meticulously laid and installed the Cemfloor by McGraths flow screed, ensuring precision and attention to detail throughout the process. We maintained our high standards of quality and professionalism to meet the expectations of our valued customer.

Client Satisfaction:

The project in Ruby, Warwickshire, was completed to the satisfaction of our long-standing customer. The installation of 5m3 of Cemfloor by McGraths quick drying flow screed met their expectations for quality and performance. We are proud to continue serving our loyal customer base with top-notch screeding solutions and look forward to supporting them in future projects.


The homeowners were delighted with Flow Screed Midlands’ absolute professionalism, attention to detail, and the timely completion of their project. The quick-drying nature of Cemfloor screed played a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth construction process and minimal disruption to their daily routine.

Flow Screed Midlands demonstrated both its experience and expertise in residential screeding projects by seamlessly installing 4.2 cubic meters of Cemfloor quick-drying creed in a Hillmorton, Rugby, residence. This case study emphasizes Flow Screed Midlands’ commitment to delivering reliable, efficient, and high-quality screed solutions that enhance the comfort and aesthetics of residential living space.

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