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Swift Flooring Transformation: 4.2 m³ of Cemfloor Quick-Drying Flow Screed in Hillmorton Rugby Residence

Flow Screed Midlands recently completed a transformative project in Hillmorton, Rugby, Warwickshire, installing 4.2 cubic meters of Cemfloor quick-drying cement-based screed to enhance the flooring of a residence. The client sought a reliable, efficient, and high-quality solution for their home.

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Client's Challenge:

The homeowners aimed to swiftly upgrade their Hillmorton home’s flooring. They required a flooring solution that not only delivered a durable and appealing finish but also allowed for a quick turnaround to minimize disruption to their daily routine.

Flowscreed Midlands' Solution:

Flow Screed Midlands recommended Cemfloor Quick-Drying Screed, renowned for its rapid curing properties and durability. This choice offered a seamless and efficient solution that aligned with the client’s desire for both aesthetic appeal and a swift construction process. The team conducted a thorough assessment considering substrate condition, moisture levels, and application thickness.


With precision and expertise, Flow Screed Midlands installed 4.2 cubic meters of Cemfloor. The rapid curing nature of Cemfloor screed allowed for an expedited project completion, ensuring minimal inconvenience to the homeowners and allowing them to swiftly enjoy their upgraded living space.


Client Satisfaction:

Flow Screed Midlands successfully delivered a high-quality flooring solution that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. The Cemfloor Quick-Drying Flow Screed provided a seamless, attractive finish, enhancing both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the Hillmorton Rugby residence.

The homeowners were delighted with Flow Screed Midlands’ absolute professionalism, attention to detail, and the timely completion of their project. The quick-drying nature of Cemfloor screed played a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth construction process and minimal disruption to their daily routine.

Flow Screed Midlands demonstrated both its experience and expertise in residential screeding projects by seamlessly installing 4.2 cubic meters of Cemfloor quick-drying creed in a Hillmorton, Rugby, residence. This case study emphasizes Flow Screed Midlands’ commitment to delivering reliable, efficient, and high-quality screed solutions that enhance the comfort and aesthetics of residential living space.

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