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Elevating Interiors with Quick Drying Screed in Rugby, Warwickshire

Flow Screed Midlands recently completed a project involving the installation of 3.3 cubic meters of Cemfloor quick-drying cement-based screed in a space located in Rugby, Warwickshire. The client sought a dependable flooring solution that not only met structural requirements but also catered to the need for a swift construction timeline.

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Client's Challenge:

The client required durable flooring solution with added speed of installation. Emphasizing the importance of a quick-drying screed, the client needed to streamline the overall project timeline.

Flow Screed Midlands' Solution:

Flow Screed Midlands recommended the use of Cemfloor, a renowned fast-drying cement-based screed. This solution guaranteed a durable, high-quality finish whilst aligning with the client’s emphasis on a timely construction process. The team at Flow Screed Midlands conducted a thorough assessment, considering factors such as substrate condition, moisture levels, and application thickness.


The installation of 3.3 cubic meters of Cemfloor screed was carried out meticulously. Flow Screed Midlands’ skilled technicians applied their expertise to create a smooth, level surface. The rapid curing properties of Cemfloor facilitated an efficient project completion, meeting the client’s timeline requirements and minimizing potential delays in subsequent construction phases.


Flow Screed Midlands successfully delivered a high-quality flooring solution, surpassing the client’s expectations in terms of durability and construction speed. The Cemfloor screed provided a reliable foundation for the transformed interior space, meeting both aesthetic and functional requirements.

Client Satisfaction:

The client expressed satisfaction with Flow Screed Midlands’ professionalism and the successful completion of the project within the specified timeframe. The quick-drying nature of Cemfloor contributed to a smooth construction process, enabling the client to advance promptly with additional project phases.

Flow Screed Midlands demonstrated its proficiency in delivering efficient and high-quality flooring solutions by successfully installing 3.3 cubic meters of Cemfloor quick-drying cement-based screed in Rugby, Warwickshire. This case study showcases the company’s ability to address unique project challenges and deliver results that align with client expectations, enhancing the interiors of the designated space.

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